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A overview of this stage
San Jose Villafranca School

We believe in education as a personal development process. We are committed to a comprehensive training that works in a way that links the academic, human, Christian and para-school fields.

The Secondary Education stage in our School, on a concert basis, offers bilingual sections, small groups for students with difficulties and for students with high abilities.

At ESO we work to provide students with knowledge and skills by developing a critical spirit and service to society. Human formation is key in our formation.

During the course our students participate in coexistence and activities that work from camaraderie, respect, participation and dialogue.

Our goal is to offer our students tools to be men and women for others.

Our commitment is based on the personal involvement of the entire educational community from work and generosity, with a constant testimony that helps to create a close and familiar environment based on relationships of trust and respect with other colleagues and teachers.

We are a Jesuit school that works in a network, open to other realities that enrich us and with whom we share encounters that help us grow in the cultural and educational aspect.