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Parents School

parents school

We all know that education is difficult and complex work. One of the biggest challenges a person can face in their life is raising a child. Many factors are involved in this process, but it is clear that the main responsibility falls on the parents and their understanding of such work. From the School our essential task is to instill a series of values ​​in our students, values ​​that decisively mark our educational mission: justice, freedom, excellence, commitment and faith. We understand that they are basic pillars that should sustain the lives of our students. To build them will only be possible if they rest on solid foundations, those that parents want to instill in their children. For this reason we are convinced that a good comprehensive education is only achieved through a joint effort between the family and the School.

Based on this idea, the School for Parents was born in 1989. A space for communication and dialogue in which to join forces in the exciting task of educating. In a society in constant change and transformation, we must become aware that the task of teaching and educating involves constantly renewing ourselves. Educational paradigms change at the same rate that society does. For this reason, from the School for Parents we intend to respond to this demand, trying that the families of our students find in it a place to learn, reflect and, above all, share experiences. For this purpose, we will try to combine presentations and workshops in various subjects with participatory and dynamic sessions in which we learn by exchanging experiences.

The objectives that we pursue with the School for Parents are:

1.- Create a space for dialogue between families and the School whose purpose is to respond to those needs that education demands of us today.

2.- Provide theoretical and practical information on key issues so that parents find more effective solutions to educate their children. For this, we will have experts in various areas to enlighten us and advise us when facing the education of children and adolescents. A task that is increasingly complex due to the type of society in which we live.

3.- Promote an education in basic values ​​so that parents can help their children to develop an autonomous and responsible personality.

4.- Develop dynamic and participatory sessions, in which families can express their concerns and share their experiences.

5.- Encourage dialogue between parents and children when it comes to preventing and attending in a timely manner the various problems that young people demand.

6.- Promote the conscious and responsible participation of parents in the teaching and learning process of their children, seeking methodologies and mechanisms appropriate to our time.

7.- Create a space for deep reflection on our task as educators, encouraging self-criticism and the desire to improve as responsible and committed parents.