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International Training

As a fundamental objective of our educational center in today’s world, we work so that our students achieve high competence and mastery of foreign languages, with special attention to the English language. The normative implications demand it this way and to achieve this objective, the College has established in recent years a series of actions that help to achieve this purpose.

For this, among other things, the foreign language teachers of our center hold coordination meetings to work on the different areas that are developed in addition to participating in continuous training actions in their areas.

In addition to English, French and Portuguese are taught in the different E.S.O. courses. as a second foreign language and optional subjects.



With the CLIL method (CLIL) of bilingual teaching we seek to generate thinking in another language and an immediate reaction to the stimulus. Naturalness determines how the session develops, which maintains training in the subject but will develop reading, writing, listening or speaking skills in English, providing students with strategies to express themselves orally, to understand reading or listening and, as it is already demonstrated by linguists, the ability acquired for one language is transferred to the knowledge of another.


The school is a Cambridge preparation and examination center. With a wide participation of E.P., E.S.O. and Baccalaureate. 70-80% of the enrolled students take the exam and around 90% manage to certify.


Work is being done on reception actions in our school for foreign students in the Residence and in the families of our students. There have been exchanges with India, Ireland, Brazil, Italy,…

During the month of July, our students are offered two types of study trips, one to the U.K. o Ireland for three or four weeks and another for one month, trimester or school year to the USA or Canada.


“The Big Challenge” contest with the participation of a hundred E.S.O. with very good results.

“Spelling Bee” promoted by the Popular University of Villafranca for 6th E.P. students. and 4th E.S.O.

Academic projects such as “Scavenger Hunt”, a challenging activity carried out by 6th E.P. and 3rd ESO Bilingual, or the educational gamification project in 4th ESO bilingual based on the theme of the Harry Potter magic school.

Mailings, videoconferences and joint projects with English-speaking Jesuit centers (Educate Magis) from English and Global Citizenship.

In July, a Science Camp in English is held at the school. “Extreme Science Experience” has native monitors and seeks immersion in the English language from scientific-technological practice.

dual degree

With the collaboration of Academica Corporation, we offer the official program for the international validation of high school diplomas that allows students to obtain two simultaneous degrees: the one from their country and the American High School Diploma. Together with the notable improvement in the level of English, the Dual Diploma provides students with a high degree of personal autonomy and great ease in handling new technologies. When they finish their studies, Dual Diploma students achieve exactly the same degree as American students at the end of High School, which is recognized in every state and every university in the world.




READERS: They support the teachers who teach the subjects of the bilingual sections

CONVERSATION ASSISTANTS: In all E.P. cast. (not bilingual) and Baccalaureate.