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Global Citizenship

Committed to global citizenship and aware of be part of a deeply interconnected world, we try to educate our students in a broad vision of our societies, favoring the presence of students from different cultures and origins.

International Boarding School

The international boarding school provides our students with the experience of family and companionship, which helps them develop personal, social and communication skills that are so important for life, with an open mind for today’s world.

Specific Orientation

The School’s Guidance Department coordinates a wide variety of information, self-knowledge and personal reflection activities, carried out during the two years of the Baccalaureate stage and aimed at facilitating good vocational decision-making in students.

A complete overview of this stage
San Jose Villafranca School

If you would like to know more about what we can offer at Baccalaureate level, you can download our brochure by clicking on «Download brochure»

Teaching Model

We offer two modalities of Baccalaureate: Humanities and Social Sciences, and Sciences and Technologies, with an optional subject that guarantees access to most university degrees.

Now we are expanding our academic offer by incorporating the Performing Arts and Music modality, in collaboration with Loyola University, which allows the connection between the Bachelor of Arts and its offer of university and higher arts studies, with a clear professional orientation. The combination of interdisciplinary projects, a variety of extracurricular activities and magnificent facilities will allow students to acquire the necessary skills for their projection in this professional field.

Our academic approach is based on the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, an educational model that has the person who learns as the center of the educational task and the main person responsible for the process of building their learning and growth. Therefore, teaching to think and teaching to learn are essential academic objectives for us.

4 C`s Formation

For a solid training that helps us achieve the exposed person model, we design a 4 C’s Tutorial Action Plan (Conscious, Competent, Compassionate and Committed). 

This plan addresses different themes of Formation in Values ​​and is complemented with training in Ignatian Tools such as discernment, which helps the student in the construction of their Life Project.


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