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Society of Jesus

What do we do?

“We Jesuits strive to row at the service of the Church and do so even with the wind against it”

Pope Francisco (jesuit) – Church of the Gesù in Rome in 2014


The work of the Jesuits unfolds in very diverse spheres. Saint Ignatius of Loyola wanted us to always be prepared to carry out any task or to be sent to any place where we were required. And since its inception, the Company’s activity has diversified into different fields according to the challenges and problems of each place and of each generation.

It is for this reason that today we find Jesuits dedicated to tasks that range from education, attention to the world of marginalization, spiritual accompaniment, to scientific research, theological reflection … and many other fields. However, all its activities are characterized by the promotion of justice and dialogue with culture, along the lines defined by the Society of Jesus in its 32nd General Congregation in 1974 and reiterated by the 34th General Congregation of 1995: “It cannot having service of faith without promoting justice, entering cultures, opening up to other religious experiences ”(Decree 1,19).


«To form men and women for others, responsible for themselves and the world around them and committed to the task of their transformation towards a fraternal and just society»


Education in Jesuit centers is based on the reception and accompaniment of people with the purpose that they acquire the appropriate learning to become: CONSCIOUS, of themselves and of the world in which they live, COMPETENT, to face technical problems , social and human of the society, COMMITTED to the construction of a more just world, COMPASSIONATE, and open to the meaning of the existence of God. Men and women who seek the “greatest good” in the realization of the commitment of faith and justice, to improve the quality of life of men, especially the poorest. Jesuit education, with more than four and a half centuries of experience, is based on Ignatian Pedagogy whose key is to teach to think and to teach to learn. It is reflected in their colleges and universities.

Open Colleges

«Our centers want to offer society a clear Christian inspiration and a model of liberating and humane education»


Our schools wish to combine pedagogical innovation with the centuries-old experience of Ignatian pedagogy, which suggests a multitude of ways for educators to accompany their students in learning and maturity, confronting them with the truth and meaning of life. We Jesuits have 68 educational centers in our country where 75,000 face-to-face students study. In 22 of them, quality professional training is offered. In addition, 100,000 students are educated online through Radio ECCA. Jesuit schools seek to be open, participatory centers and places for dialogue. Their imprint extends through their thousands of former students.