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Association of parents of students

The relations between the School and the parents of the students, or their legal guardians, constitute an important chapter in the development of the educational action of the School. This, recognizing the duty and inalienable right of parents to the education of their children, offers their collaboration with a defined educational project. When parents freely choose the type of education that the School offers, mutual commitments and close collaboration bonds are created. 

The parents or legal guardians of the students are present in the development of the school activity, either individually, in personal interviews with the Directorate or the Tutors of their children; either by representation in the School Councils or through the Association of Parents of Students.

 In turn, the School during the course, especially in the first months, calls parents to informational meetings, open to dialogue with the Directorate and the respective Tutors. 

It is customary for the Management and Tutors to communicate in writing, or call a personal interview, to the parents of a student, in particular, to inform them of any specific circumstance that they should be aware of, regarding the development of the educational process of their child. 

In the annual CATALOG of the School, which is provided to all families, you can see the Calendar-Agenda of activities and meetings scheduled for the course, which allow parents to be aware of what their children live in the day to day of the School.

The Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students (A.M.P.A.) is governed by its own Statutes, in which it defines its characteristics and purposes. Provides advice to its members in the exercise of the rights that the laws recognize to the parents of the students. It organizes and finances cultural and recreational activities, and promotes welfare and welfare services.

Among them, the School for Parents is the forum in which the parents of the students have the opportunity to meet and dialogue together, and to enrich themselves with the exchange of information and experiences. In the monthly meetings that the School holds in the College, it usually has the presentation of an expert who develops a topic of interest related to education.






  • Board of DirectorsSantiago Cuéllar Borrego (President)
    Ana González (Vice president)
    Mª Ángeles Claro Cuéllar (Secretary)
    Mª Luisa Hernández Naranjo (treasurer)
  • ManagersPrado Fernández
    José María Cruz García
    Diego Zambrano
    Enrique Manuel Morales Gallarín
    Pedro Moreno Hurtado
    Jesús Díaz Mancha
    José Luis Mejuto
    Ángel L. Delgado Moreno
  • ChaplainP. Antonio Cruz SJ