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«Safe Environment»

Global action plan


The Society of Jesus launches the global action plan “Safe Environment”

At the root of our Mission is the accompaniment of minors, adolescents, youth and adults in vulnerable situations in different contexts and works: schools, social centers, universities, pastoral centers … Their special care and protection is an integral part of our mission in church. Realizing that in the past different types of abuse (moral, power, sexual) have undermined this care has led the Society of Jesus to work with great effort for almost a year to implement systems in our works that guarantee respect between the people who work in them and promote the culture of Good Treatment.

Guided by the person in charge of Safe Environment, the psychologist Susana Pradera, this proactive system has been implemented in recent months based on three pillars: Sensitization with people who have suffered some type of abuse; Intervention to attend and repair the victims, as well as punish and separate those responsible; and Prevention so that it never happens again.

Among the actions carried out so far, the different training offered to our works personnel stands out so that they know how to recognize and detect possible abuses and risk situations. These trainings are being carried out initially in the education sector. And training plans for the other sectors are already being designed. In each work there begins to be a Safe Environment Agent who will be the reference person to turn to if necessary.

In addition, the system has a service mailbox (proteccion@jesuitas.es) and listening spaces at construction sites to support and welcome potential victims. A Guide and a Safe Environment Manual have also been developed where information is expanded on the behaviors that generate possible abuses and that must be avoided and detected, as well as on the behaviors that generate Good Treatment and that must be promoted. A great deal of general information can also be found in the Handbook on all things related to awareness, prevention and intervention.

This will bring us closer to the pain of the victims and help us to develop truly safe environments. This system is also endorsed by external experts who are part of an advisory council that helps the provincial and his team to guarantee seriousness and rigor in monitoring cases and improving prevention. Our commitment is to generate spaces, relationships, and safe activities in any work, center or activity of the Society of Jesus in Spain.

The first steps have already been taken to implement that our works are safe environments for minors and adults in vulnerable situations that we serve. But for this mission to be truly effective we must all get involved.

So asks us, in this video, the provincial Antonio España SJ. In it he invites each and every one of us who collaborate in the Mission and in the works of the Society of Jesus to feel involved in Safe Environment. Because we do this Safe Environment together.

More information in: www.entornoseguro.org