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Formation Pastoral in Baccalaureate

 ETAYS SOMOS Community


A: It is a path among others. It’s not the only one. It is a path approved by the Church over more than 400 years, in constant renewal, chosen by young people and adults of all races and continents, with a strong roots in our country.

The Way: We are facing a life project, a vocation, an invitation to human and spiritual growth according to the Gospel. A path where effort is necessary, to overcome fear and cowardice. It is a path to holiness and generosity of life. The trajectory will have different stages: studies, work, marriage, … But all of them are different moments of this path that is the SOMOS Community, and that according to the age and experience of the people they constitute different groups.

of Christian Life: Being a Community of Christian Life, it must be centered in the person of Christ. Hence the importance of spiritual life: Eucharist, prayer, spiritual accompaniment … Only if we are well rooted in Christ can we work with Him.

To Serve the World: In addition, our life of Faith, believing in Jesus entails working with Him to make a more just and fraternal world where men discover that they are brothers and therefore children of God. Following Christ implies sharing and being in solidarity with a world for so many reasons torn and hopeless, which must be given reasons to believe and hope.

IN COMMUNITY: Our following of Christ is not a solo task, nothing like that! We want to walk the path united, in common-unity, in such a way that, through discernment and life review, we can distinguish what God wants from us at all times. We want to live this adventure as friends, friends in the Lord who encourage, help and demand each other on this path of Life, sharing joys and sorrows, failures and successes, concerns and hopes.

Experiences Proposal:

  • 3 day retreats

  • Easter in Úbeda for 1st and 2nd BTO

  • Work camps in Andalusia for 1st and 2nd BTO

  • Loyola Experience for 1st BTO